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Positive Benefits of Acupressure Massage

By acupressure33387979, Oct 19 2016 05:16PM

Acupressure Massage predates the use of Acupuncture. Both practices orginated in ancient China as a way to alleviate pain and heal the body. There are many benefits from Acupressure massages. I would like to take a moment and discuss them with you.

Musculoskeletal System- Our customers have experienced decreased tension with their muscle-tendon unit and neural response. They have seen an increase in range of motion in major muscle groups. We have also noticed our customers complained less of muscle soreness due to vigorous physical activity.

Nervous System- Our customers have reported that they slept better after Acupressure massage. Acupressure massage can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety. We provide a comfortable setting and environment designed to increase relaxiation and thus deliver a more effective massage.

Psychological- Our customers experience a feeling of well-being and body-mind connection

As you can see there are many benefits to an Acupressure massage. Healthy body; Healthy Mind.

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